Lyme Regis Beach Photography

Where is Lyme Regis Beach?

Not so long ago, I traveled for a few hours  to go to Lyme Regis beach. I went there with my family, as they wanted to go beach combing, but I decided to tag along so that I could take some photos! The beach itself was really interesting landscape wise, as there were huge cliffs with sheer drops that almost entombed the beach. In case any of you are thinking of visiting this beach, I have included a map below so you can find it. Lyme Regis is located in a coastal town in West Dorset. It is definitely a more unusual place, due to its fossils and other amazing beach finds, so I would definitely recommend taking a trip for its photographic value.

I must admit, I did get distracted often by the wonders of beach coming and all of the different fossils and sea glass on the beach, but I thought I would show you what I did manage to shoot in the end. There are many wonders on this beach that add to the personality of the place, but it was difficult to stay focused on my photography. But I also think that it is alright to take a break from the digital world as it is also important to live in the moment, rather than through a lens. I would be interested in returning to Lyme Regis, so that I can take more photos.

Portrait/CANDID Beach Photography

I was really lucky that it was a beautifully sunny day, and the sun reflected a glittering shimmer over the sea. It also meant that the lighting  was absolutely perfect for capturing bright portrait shots at the beach. I enlisted the help of my younger sister to help model some posed images for me, and I really like how they turned out. It was a very natural process, and I feel that her expressions reflected the entire shoot. It was fun to play around with different poses in different locations at the beach, but my favourites are those of her in front of the sea, hanging on the railings. 

My favourite style of photography when it comes to taking photos of people, is candid photography. Though I enjoy setting up poses in photo shoots, I find that candid shots enable me to really focus on natural emotions. This was a particularly happy day, and I feel like that reflected in the photos that I took. The photograph down below of my sister examining a piece of seaglass that she had found, was particularly one of my favourites as it just summed up the day so well. 

Landscape Beach Photography

The landscape at this beach was just stunning. There were mountains of steps, which from the very top, you could see for miles out to sea, and from the very bottom, the beach stood still surrounded by cliffs that contained fossils. I was particularly drawn to the way the sun sat above the sea, reflecting the light. I tried shooting from different angles, to avoid being repetitive and get a variety of styles to choose from.

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