Maternity sessions are more suitable, but not limited to, women in the third trimester of pregnancy, unless you’re looking for multiple shoots throughout the pregnancy to show time progression. These sessions can be held either in a studio or in an outdoor location of your choice. However, being outdoors gives us the freedom and space to achieve more creative outcomes.  Also, you don’t have to come alone. Feel welcome to bring along a few people, such as family, other children, or friends that you want to share this unique experience with. A discount will be offered if you book a newborn shoot at the same time.

If you have any specific requests for the shoot, we can discuss them beforehand. A consultation meeting will be offered if you want to discuss anything. I will create an action plan before the day and will be ready and prepared with lots of creative ideas for when you arrive. If you have chosen your own location, I will visit beforehand to scope out potential areas where we can get better photos. This would be where the lighting is the best and the scenery looks the most attractive. No matter what the weather, I will still be fully prepared. Even if it’s a rainy day, we can get creative and use it to our advantage.

To really get the best end result possible, I will use multiple digital editing techniques to enhance all of the photographs I take. This can include adding certain elements to create effects that you can’t achieve in reality. I will also make colours more vibrant and highlight specific parts of an image to make it stand out. The final images will be presented to you digitally on either a disc or a USB stick, depending on which you would prefer. I can print your favourites at an extra cost.